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ONE Shogun

Upcoming Play-To-Earn, Free-To-Play, Blockchain Game in the Metaverse, with the world's first comprehensive Manager-Scholar Dashboard System.

Game Launching Q1 2022.

Sheathe your katanas, hide your shurikens, and emerge from the dark.
Draw your deck, and get ready for ONE Shogun – the fast paced Play-To-Earn, PVP, Multiplayer strategy card game that's easy to learn and massively fun.
In the 21st century, a total of 10,000 origin, unique Ninjas and Samurais are being transported from the past to the Metaverse world.

They indulge in the latest pop culture, and acquired new knowledge and technologies.

Every hand drawn Ninja and Samurai, 5000 a side, will have their unique clans, weapons and features, aim to continue their battle in the Metaverse.

The battle between Ninjas and Samurais continue on a deck of cards you own.

You, the Daimyo, control their fight. There can only be ONE Shogun in the Metaverse. Who will emerge as the ONE?

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