Overture by Synchrodogs

Post Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities is Fellowship's second group show celebrating a new wave of innovation in AI video and photography.

The word "Overture" carries a rich history in the realms of art and music, typically associated with classical and traditional forms. However, beyond its connotation as the introduction to an opera or play, it possesses an additional meaning—a prelude to something of greater substance.

The era we inhabit serves merely as an overture to what lies ahead. Presently, we witness the nascent stages of AI gradually unfolding and aiding humanity, whether in mundane daily tasks or in unraveling the planet's most intricate mysteries and challenges. We have merely glimpsed a small fragment of the imminent Future, which forms the core message of "Overture" itself.

“Overture” is produced through a complex process that utilizes four distinct AI tools, and stems from training AI on our own vast 15-year archive of cinematic photography.

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