Non-Fungible Soup x MondrianNFT is a mash-up of two iconic 20th-century artists, Piet Mondrian and Andy Warhol.

An Exclusive Commemorative Companion Drop of Three Multi-Edition Andy Warhol and Piet Mondrian Vector Mash-Ups for Whitelisted Owners of Non-Fungible Soup and MondrianNFT by

In the 1960's 'Pop Art' was a niche subgenre in the New York art scene, pioneered by Jasper Johns. Inspired, Andy Warhol began creating similar works in juxtaposition to the Abstract Expressionist movement, which dominated the art scene at the time. Andy's impersonal and referential work stood in stark contrast to their emotionally charged abstractions.

Kicked off in the 1920s by Piet Mondrian, Abstract Expressionism rebuked the decadence of Art Deco in the post-war era. Just as Pop Art and artist's like Andy Warhol admonished Abstract Expressionism's loud strokes and lack of reference.

Ironically, they work well together.

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