Sundered Realms

As the final ten days countdown begins, the world teeters on the brink of collapse, with once bustling cities reduced to eerie ghost towns. Skies darken, as strange phenomena cast a gloomy pall over the land. Desperate survivors scavenge amidst the decaying relics of a bygone era, while the last vestiges of civilization crumble away. Iconic monuments stand, bound and defaced, as harbingers of humanity's impending doom. As hope flickers and fades, the landscape transforms into a desolate wasteland, where trust is a rare commodity and the struggle for survival intensifies.

In this sundered realm, the remnants of humanity face their final days, haunted by the echoes of a lost world. With each passing day, the struggle for survival escalates, until the tenth and final day arrives, sealing the fate of the world forever.

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