The Aswang Tribe

Aswang Tribe is a collection of 3333 utility-infused NFTs inspired by Filipino mythology.
This vastly diverse set of profile picture art gives you access to a one-of-a-kind digital collectibles ecosystem that features Day 1 Staking, Day 1 Breeding, and one of the most wildly creative communities in web3.
Each Aswang is designed to gain "Prayer Levels" the longer you stake. The highest Prayer Level can only be earned by staking for 333 years - a true test of the promises of blockchain tech that puts the spotlight on one of its most overlooked usecases: cultural preservation.
This collection contains 1111 Tikbalang (badass horses), 1111 Siyokoy (chad fish guys), and 1111 Duwende (qt mushrooms) that will soon be joined by 3333 Manananggal (demon e-girls).
Find the Aswang that speaks to your soul.
Join the Tribe.

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