Wiz Bums V2

They once lived in a peaceful land with the wide renown name: Planet Jenkins!

Oh how the Wizards adored their planet!

They could freely cast spells, drink scromneesh and sing chants about the ancient wizards!

"La la la la bum bum da bum! The Elvin Melvin Skreldin Heldin!"

What amazing harmonies by the Jenkins. Applause Please!

But one day, the spells of the mages who oversaw the lands stopped working!

Hmmm.........What could it be...?

What evil spirited darkness had flooded their world and powered them down?

Well... Truth be told ...... The answer was in the manufacturing of Planet Jenkins.

No one knew they were shrinking as a planet.....

Fools... using their own Planet's core energy to power their spells...

From then on, the Wizards set out to find a new planet.

to colonize. To spread and preach the ways .


I wonder where the Money Bag Robs ended up.

Oh how they loved robin dodgin, samon, and jamon.

They could Rob all night long .. until they got their samon.

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