Worlds Beyond Official - Genesis Land Collection

WORLDS BEYOND is a COMMUNITY BUILT Metaverse Ecosystem where World Owners can BUILD with unlimited creativity any type of World, Game or Experience with AAA GRAPHICS
Worlds Beyond NFT will PROVIDE all necessary TOOLS for future world owners to BUILD and CREATE fun and diverse experiences.
The Worlds Beyond METAVERSE AS A SERVICE platform has been building for over 12 MONTHS to be the WEB 3 ROBLOX FOR GROWN UPS.
Available to all World Owners:

🗺 World Editing Tools
🖥 Library of Environmental Assets
🎮 Auto Hosting System Solo/Multiplayer Games & Experiences
🤝 Support System for World Owner & Content Creators
🦍 Web3 Avatar Integration
🔧 Character & Asset Creation Tools
🧑 Customisable 3D Avatar System
🗺️ Digital land scarcity feature
🏗️ WB Stimulus Fund for sponsorship of World Building
🛒 NFT Marketplace (Buy, Rent and Sell Created NFTs, Accessories)
🤑 Staking & Airdrops
🌍 World Renting
🆓 Free Mint for Avatar Collection + Digital Asset Drops
👨‍👨Beyonder's DAO

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